Dean Montgomery provides the following services for School District 73.

  • System Administration and Support:
    • Maintain software for  ~3600 Linux diskless workstations.
    • Maintain software for ~60 Linux Servers.
    • Maintain hardware and software raids, lvm and various file systems.  Repair and rebuild when drives fail.
    • Maintain monitoring servers.  Respond to alerts and dispatch technicians to repair various issues.
    • Keep OS and Software up-to-date in order to avoid security issues.
    • Prep and maintain hot-swap backup servers in case a school server goes down.
    • Maintain many different server services: dhcp, samba, appletalk, dns, tftp, ssh, webmin, ldap, avahi, apache, tomcat, nginx, php, cups, nis, nfs, ypbind, mysql, postgres, squid.
    • Tune apache/nginx/php/nfs/mysql for optimal performance on limited hardware resources.
    • Maintain and monitor honeypots.
  • Programming:
    • Linux thin client customization, automation,  and teacher tools.
    • Website programming and design.
  • Software Training and Support.
    • Web-based software: Moodle, Zimbra, WordPress, MyEdBC, Drupal, Office365,  eSolutions, GLPI, Google services,  etc.
    • Desktop software:, GNU Image Manipulation Program, Blender 3D Animation, Desktop video conferencing, Smart Boards, Video and Audio Editing Software, Special needs software.  E-Help.
  • VOIP Phones
    • Configure maintain FusionPBX, Freeswitch, Grandstream PBX, VOIP Phones and softphones.
  • Apple devices: MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV, MacMini etc.
    • Maintain centralized management of iPads.
  • Google devices: Chromebooks, android devices, chromecast
    • Maintain configuration of google chromebooks as well as google account settings for the district.
    • Maintain cloudprint and local print for chromebooks.
  • Windows devices:
    • Maintain software, OS, peripherals, domain logins.
  • Website support
    • Maintain software upgrades for district owned websites.
    • Provide training materials.
  • Network support
    • Troubleshoot/repair both wired and wireless network links.
    • Troubleshoot/repair browser issues.
    • Troubleshoot/repair websites or forward detailed information to 3rd party sites for repair.
    • Maintain firmware updates to network devices.
    • Configure switches: bonding, vlans, snmp.
    • Track down LAN problems:  e.g. loopbacks, old cabling, packet loss, broadcast storms, bad gateway/ip/mask, failing hardware etc.
  • Servicedesk support
    • assist students and staff with any form of technology problems: printing, file shares, authorization problems, network, wireless, ubiquity dishes, security audits etc.
    • troubleshoot and repair problems over the phone or over the Internet.
    • support site technicians.
  • Documentation
    • Maintain documentation for internal troubleshooting and maintenance.
    • Maintain documentation for training end-users.

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