Dufferin system was upgraded on the 1st.  Monday was for on-site support.

Arthur Hatton system was upgraded Tuesday.  Providing on-site support Wednesday.

Thursday will be Westmount.

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Kay Bingham…

Upgrading Kay Bingham today at 3:30.

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Driver training today

Attending staff driver training at the HGEC today.  The speaker’s previous job was to investigate why accidents happened.  Some key points that I learned:

  • No such thing as an “accident” – it is always human error due to not properly operating vehicles or equipment.
    • Speed and conditions – ice, fog, snow, darkness – always drive according to conditions.
    • Not being alert and thinking ahead.
  • We are all accountable for each other – If we see something that is unsafe everyone is responsible to resolve it.  One person in a car without a seat belt will be the one who kills those that are wearing seat belts.
  • We are all responsible for knowing how to safely operate any equipment.

Roxy had one recommendation to I.T. department: All hardware should be stored in the trunk of a vehicle.  Equipment in the cab is not secure and could easily kill occupants.

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Beattie Elementary.

Beattie Elementary will be upgraded today at 3:30.

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Report Cards on Adobe 9

We discovered that the latest Adobe 9 doesn’t support copier department codes or legal size paper.   Immediate solutions:

1) Use kdpf.

Everything works well in kdpf viewer.  Changing page size works, default department codes works, and it’s faster.

2) The following will get Adobe 9 to work

Use printer named: toshiba_legal

Release the job at the copier as follows:

  1. Push button: Job Status.
  2. Touch: Invalid.
  3. Touch your job in the list.
  4. Touch: Release.
  5. Enter your print code.
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Fixed CBC and prepping Marion Schilling

Today I’m preparing Marion Schilling server for upgrade.

Freddie and I also found a solution to the broken CBC flash videos.  Turns out that Adobe Flash player doesn’t obey system proxy settings so it was being NATed on a diffrent IP.  Tested solution at NKSS and pushed out to high schools on March 7th.

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High School Upgrades Finished!

High School Linux Software Upgrades are now finished!  I’m now moving on to upgrade all the Elementary Schools.

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Math ‘n Moodle

New Tutorial: how to insert Math into Moodle using LyX.

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Today I showed up early for work in order to get the NKSS server upgraded so it’s ready for later today. I enjoyed last night’s animation classes at VSS. I hope to speed though the upgrade so I can attend today’s animation classes at VSS.

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