Resize Images

Adam Fairbrother has created an easy-to-use tool for resizing your images.  This is useful when you want to email or upload images to the web.  If you do not resize your images before posting them on your website the page will take a long time to load and the picture will look poor.

Resize Image

  1. Open your home folder.
  2. Select one or more pictures.  ( for multiple pictures use shift+click OR ctrl+click OR click-n-drag/rubber-band )
  3. Right click=>Actions=>Resize Image=>
    1. Small – is for side bar web images.
    2. Medium – is for center article web images or email.
    3. Large – is for full screen browser images or email.
  4. After clicking a size a new resized image will appear. The new image is prefixed with either small_ medium_ or large_.

Other “Actions” include:

  • Transform Image” to rotate or flip images.
  • Convert To” to convert the file type.
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Video Editing Tutorials

I’ve put together some Linux Video Editing Tutorials using Kdenlive.   I created the tutorials using the thin client machines, Ubuntu Studio/Gnome desktop, and Kdenlive.  Kdenlive is stable and easy to work with.  The tutorials cover:

  • Rebooting into Ubuntu Studio.
  • Transferring videos from camera to computer.
  • Working with Kdenlive (clips, effects, transitions, titles, music).
  • Rendering for Moodle & Youtube websites.
  • Uploading to Moodle.
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French Canadian Dictionary

Whooooops!  I missed installing the French Canadian Dictionary during the last round of upgrades.  Fixed the problem today.  You should now find French Canadian Dictionaries available in both OpenOffice, Firefox and other programs.

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I Forgot My Password Month

September in the Education-IT department is known as “I forgot my password month”.  IT help-desk phones become swamped with password reset requests.  Tips to remember your password:

  • Use a word or phrase that invokes strong emotion.  It is easy to remember something – funny, sad, angry, scary, painful, thrilling etc.
  • Use something that you already know well.  Do not dream up new random passwords.
  • If it requires a number – use numbers that you know well.  Or use numbers as replacement words or letters: 2gether; sk8board; i=one; l=one; o=zero; e=three; too,to=2; s=five etc.
  • If you have to change your password regularly, cycle through a know list of items.  e.g.  birthdays in your family, rooms in your house: kitchen,dining,living-room,bedroom,bathroom,basement,etc.
  • A string of words or sentence is more secure than any single word password.
    • Dean+Jenn=4ever
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Back to School.

It has been a very busy summer.   Below is a summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • Improve performance of SKSS/Beattie – setup diskless proxy and adjust software settings to reduce disk-io.  Namely Firefox was a killer.  Freddie also upgraded the RAID in the high schools.
  • Create/test a new multimedia editing image based on Ubuntu Studio.
  • Security updates including Upgrades to Moodle.
  • Help swap out CRT monitors with LED screens.  Going green by reducing power consumption.
  • Firefox, flash, java upgrade – plus performance tweaks.
  • Upgrade transportation’s server.
  • Clean out old accounts and data (YET)
  • Create new student and staff accounts for all the school. Currently maintaining 14,760 student accounts and 1,649 staff accounts for computer systems.
  • Ensure students and staff have essential desktop icons.  Web, Writer, Files ( Zimbra, BCeSIS, Websharp) – make it easy for them.
  • Upgrade HGEC network.
  • Plus a bunch of small things that I’m too lazy to type out.
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Upgrades Complete.

School upgrades are now complete. I’m now working on:

  • Provincial Exam software testing.
  • Testing Firefox 4 for September 2011.
  • Video Editing on Linux for Schools.
  • Summer power-down.
  • Bus garage upgrades.
  • SKSS load balancing image re-configuration.
  • Summer account and data cleanup for all schools.
  • LCD Monitor replacements.
  • Software security updates.
  • Various small updates, new software, and fixes that I’ve been waiting for free time to work on.
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What’s new

Been sick for the last 2 days.

Fixed bug sd73-logout-shutdown script – was not properly logging out of kde at night.

I’d like to do WordPress and Impress screen-cast tutorials but my Logitech USB headset/microphone stopped working.  Then gtk-record-mydesktop wouldn’t select a single window so I’m upgrading the Arch diskless client to see if the latest package will fix the issue.  Once I get the tutorials created I can create a spotlight for WordPress on the district website.

Upgraded LG late Tursday and spent the day at the School on Friday.

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Broken AdobeFor schools running the new Linux image I added the option to choose between Adobe 8 and Adobe 9.  Adobe 9 was found to not work well with toshiba copiers.  Adobe 9 can be used for PDF Forms that need to be filled in.  I have no idea why adobe decided to do PDF forms – it is much easier to just create and use web-forms that instantly submits back to the person who sends it.

Updated elementary schools so flash-based IP checking works like videos, smart board exchange etc.  The problem is that Adobe Flash doesn’t obey the parent filter proxy settings.

So that’s two failures for Adobe fixed.

Updated mime settings so OpenOffice Draw files are opened in OpenOffice and not KDE’s vector drawing program.

Updated the district website to have a blue-fading background and fixed small formatting issues.

And a reminder to those schools that experience slow youtube, google earth or any other media-rich web program that is behaving poorly.  School Internet connections are not fast enough to have 30 students watch videos or browse google earth.  Solution is to use less computers on the media sites:  if 30 workstations aren’t working, try 15, then 7, or even just one workstation and a projector.

I also had some time to catch up on some email.

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Arthur Stevenson Upgrade

Finishing Juniper Ridge this morning and upgrading Arthur Stevenson this afternoon.

Wednesday: SD73 website meeting, foss-audio-conference online session.
Rafter River – to determine hardware specs for Video Editing with kdenlive.

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Training and Updates

Monday was a fun day of discovering software with teachers at Marion Schilling and Dufferin Elementary. We looked at what is new in terms of software, teacher tools, SMART, OpenOffice, & web.

Tuesday and Wednesday I upgraded Pacific Way.

Thursday and Friday will be Juniper Ridge.

On Monday morning my son was coughing and said he was sick. So I said “no games today, you stay in bed”. Suddenly he got better and wanted to go to school. I said “I’m glad you’re feeling better because today is an in-service day and you get to stay home.”

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