Updates Jan 2015

Following Changes From November 2014 to January 2015

  • Upgraded Google Chrome – several times.
  • Upgraded Firefox to Extended Release Support – geared up for Enterprise: Schools, Universities, Government, Business.
  • Upgraded Java – several times.
  • Speed up printers and resolve some issues:
    • Speed up print jobs by optimizing print resolution.
    • Fix Google Chrome not able to print to Tosihba copiers. Disabled Chrome’s print-preview.
    • Speed up printing.  Apple changed CUPS print server to a PDF – based system.  Print settings had to be optimized for LibreOffice, Chrome and other apps.
    • Speed up printing by removing local cups servers.  First fix bug in CUPS so LibreOffice can print directly to the server.
  • Java’s built-in security is now stopping many older websites from working.  Added exceptions for several well known java-based websites.  If you have a java website that is not working, please send site url to  servicedesk and ask for us to add it to java’s security exception list.
  • Speed up thin clients as well as reduce load on server and network. Updated secondary school Thin Clients to use compressed network file-system.  Elementary schools have not yet been updated.
  • Speed up school websites: Moodle, Mahara, WordPress, Drupal etc.   Combined source code into a shared code-base.  Shared code allows the web server to optimize it’s cache as well as reduce the overall memory footprint.
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