Recent updates for 2012

Here is a summary of some of the updates and changes that have been done to the schools in October-December:

  • Upgraded from Firefox 5 to Firefox 16.0.2.
  • Upgraded Exam Mode image to include both Nvidia and ATI drivers as well as updates to firefox & java.
  • Fixed BCeSIS font size issue for the phone number field.  I was also able to hide several of the BCeSIS warning screens.
  • Fixed Adobe Reader printing so that department codes are now properly passed to the Toshiba Copiers.
  • Upgraded Google Chrome to 12.0.742.112.
  • OpenOffice stores Toshiba department codes inside the document.  When a staff member changes schools or department codes their old documents get flagged as invalid.   Created a tool that removes embedded department codes from OpenOffice documents: K=>Settings=>Fix Department Codes.
  • ATI video driver support has been added to SKSS, Sahali, and HGEC.
  • Room Booking Lobby TV Monitors have been installed at the SBO and HGEC.  I’ve coded it so that the Steno’s can input bookings and Carlo can upload his photos.

I’m still working on the next desktop image.  In November tried rolling out a Mint Cinnamon desktop in a SKSS lab.  The Mint desktop was too buggy and kept crashing so I pulled it out.  I’m now working on both KDE4 and XFCE desktops based on 12.04 LTS release.

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