Upgrade code named vs3

VS3 Desktop

New Desktop for Schools.

John has me working the next Desktop Upgrade for the district.  It will be piloted in the SKSS Library lab in November 2012.  In addition to updates to all software packages here are some new features coming to the schools:

  • Simpler desktop moving from KDE to Mint.
  • Teachers will be able to control the labs from a web browser.  Watch screens, toggle dansguardian, toggle internet and toggle games etc.  Having it in a web browser means teachers can use tablet and mobile devices to monitor student lab activity.  Tools also now indicate current status: red=off  green=on.
  • Java BCeSIS font issues have been fixed – you can now see the entire phone number field.
  • Upgrade from OpenOffice to LibreOffice.
  • New Shecwepemc dictionaries in LibreOffice and Firefox.  Thanks to the late Neskie Manuel for his work preserving the Shuswap language.
Teacher Tools

New web-based Teacher Tools being developed in the IT Dungeon.



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