Resize Images

Adam Fairbrother has created an easy-to-use tool for resizing your images.  This is useful when you want to email or upload images to the web.  If you do not resize your images before posting them on your website the page will take a long time to load and the picture will look poor.

Resize Image

  1. Open your home folder.
  2. Select one or more pictures.  ( for multiple pictures use shift+click OR ctrl+click OR click-n-drag/rubber-band )
  3. Right click=>Actions=>Resize Image=>
    1. Small – is for side bar web images.
    2. Medium – is for center article web images or email.
    3. Large – is for full screen browser images or email.
  4. After clicking a size a new resized image will appear. The new image is prefixed with either small_ medium_ or large_.

Other “Actions” include:

  • Transform Image” to rotate or flip images.
  • Convert To” to convert the file type.
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