I Forgot My Password Month

September in the Education-IT department is known as “I forgot my password month”.  IT help-desk phones become swamped with password reset requests.  Tips to remember your password:

  • Use a word or phrase that invokes strong emotion.  It is easy to remember something – funny, sad, angry, scary, painful, thrilling etc.
  • Use something that you already know well.  Do not dream up new random passwords.
  • If it requires a number – use numbers that you know well.  Or use numbers as replacement words or letters: 2gether; sk8board; i=one; l=one; o=zero; e=three; too,to=2; s=five etc.
  • If you have to change your password regularly, cycle through a know list of items.  e.g.  birthdays in your family, rooms in your house: kitchen,dining,living-room,bedroom,bathroom,basement,etc.
  • A string of words or sentence is more secure than any single word password.
    • Dean+Jenn=4ever
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