Back to School.

It has been a very busy summer.   Below is a summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • Improve performance of SKSS/Beattie – setup diskless proxy and adjust software settings to reduce disk-io.  Namely Firefox was a killer.  Freddie also upgraded the RAID in the high schools.
  • Create/test a new multimedia editing image based on Ubuntu Studio.
  • Security updates including Upgrades to Moodle.
  • Help swap out CRT monitors with LED screens.  Going green by reducing power consumption.
  • Firefox, flash, java upgrade – plus performance tweaks.
  • Upgrade transportation’s server.
  • Clean out old accounts and data (YET)
  • Create new student and staff accounts for all the school. Currently maintaining 14,760 student accounts and 1,649 staff accounts for computer systems.
  • Ensure students and staff have essential desktop icons.  Web, Writer, Files ( Zimbra, BCeSIS, Websharp) – make it easy for them.
  • Upgrade HGEC network.
  • Plus a bunch of small things that I’m too lazy to type out.
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