Broken AdobeFor schools running the new Linux image I added the option to choose between Adobe 8 and Adobe 9.  Adobe 9 was found to not work well with toshiba copiers.  Adobe 9 can be used for PDF Forms that need to be filled in.  I have no idea why adobe decided to do PDF forms – it is much easier to just create and use web-forms that instantly submits back to the person who sends it.

Updated elementary schools so flash-based IP checking works like www.cbc.ca videos, smart board exchange etc.  The problem is that Adobe Flash doesn’t obey the parent filter proxy settings.

So that’s two failures for Adobe fixed.

Updated mime settings so OpenOffice Draw files are opened in OpenOffice and not KDE’s vector drawing program.

Updated the district website to have a blue-fading background and fixed small formatting issues.

And a reminder to those schools that experience slow youtube, google earth or any other media-rich web program that is behaving poorly.  School Internet connections are not fast enough to have 30 students watch videos or browse google earth.  Solution is to use less computers on the media sites:  if 30 workstations aren’t working, try 15, then 7, or even just one workstation and a projector.

I also had some time to catch up on some email.

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