Driver training today

Attending staff driver training at the HGEC today.  The speaker’s previous job was to investigate why accidents happened.  Some key points that I learned:

  • No such thing as an “accident” – it is always human error due to not properly operating vehicles or equipment.
    • Speed and conditions – ice, fog, snow, darkness – always drive according to conditions.
    • Not being alert and thinking ahead.
  • We are all accountable for each other – If we see something that is unsafe everyone is responsible to resolve it.  One person in a car without a seat belt will be the one who kills those that are wearing seat belts.
  • We are all responsible for knowing how to safely operate any equipment.

Roxy had one recommendation to I.T. department: All hardware should be stored in the trunk of a vehicle.  Equipment in the cab is not secure and could easily kill occupants.

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